Saturday, July 31, 2010

5th Vlog - Information Sharing Groups in Lyantonde, Uganda

Grant introduces the first video blog created by Ahabwe Michael, Director of ICOD, which highlights 2 leaders of the Agriculture Information Sharing Groups in Lyantonde, Uganda. Flavia and Dan, both farmers and ICT Trainees discuss the benefits of having access to the Internet and their hopes of using this information to improve agriculture in their communities.

All Vlogs related to the progress of the Lyantonde Internet Center from this point on will be created by ICOD staff. We look forward to watching!


Anonymous said...

Great work, Ahabwe Michael! Looking forward to all the new vlogs. Lovely to see the affect of the cafe and see Flavia and Dan rockin' the internet for a progressive approach to their farming. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Great work!!!