Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A nod from

Nathaniel Whittemore -editor of the Social Entrepreneurship blog on pens some accolades to the PF process, while reminding us and all social entrepreneurs of the importance of balance when considering scale and relationships.

Nathaniel writes:

"To me, the lesson here isn't that social entrepreneurs should abruptly abandon their ambitions to scale up. Complex global problems require massive solutions, and when it comes to changing systems, scale is essential. What's more, the dichotomy of "breadth" vs. "depth" is a false one. The best social entrepreneurs have to understand how to balance both.

At the same time, I do think PF's story is a reminder of the value of going deep to connect with, learn from, and be an ambassador for a community. It also demonstrates that there's strength to be found in different kinds of social entrepreneurs, all working in their own way to make an incredible difference."

Read the full PF blog at here

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aclintonb said...

That was a really great interview! I learned alot about Ugandan communities and Project Focus. I truly hope that the internet cafe becomes a reality for the people of southwestern Uganda. Nice work Grant and Project Focus peeps!