Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Internet Cafe in Lyantonde - Global Giving

The Internet Cafe will offer the community in Lyantonde, Uganda affordable access to the internet. The proceeds from the cafe will provide financial support for a local, community-based primary school.

You can become a project donor through our page at global giving.

Access to current information in today's competitive world is imperative for community growth and development. More than 2.5 billion people live in rural areas of developing countries where access to communication is severely limited due to availability or affordability. In rural Uganda, most teachers, students, farmers, business owners, and health care providers work without access to technologies that can transform their lives and work in simple yet profound ways.

The internet cafe, consisting of 8 solar-powered computers, will be managed by a Ugandan community-based organization that will also offer classes to familiarize new users and students to information technology.


Athena said...

GREAT idea!

ask enos said...

Hi, thanks for the good job u are doing for the people of Lyantonde, i would like to know how far u have reached with the internet cafe project?its unfortunate i have taken long without reading your blog, please get in touch for my contribution if u ar not yet done with the project.

Asiimwe K. Enos