Saturday, August 4, 2007

Waiting for words.

tensions started when our cultures collided

silence (a blank figure)

grew heads of mistrust and misunderstanding.

creativity was oppressed. progress scattered.

in silence, my friends, listen carefully.

wait for thoughts to find its' voice. wrestle the silent tensions.


seek dialogue and find your resolution.

-Daniel Yang


Harish said...

I do not understand, can you please guide me through the words....
maybe explain to me the resolution part of the poetry.
thank you very much
your older brother

Roy said...

as an ARTIST.. i get it, danny. :) it takes a very creative mind to comprehend danny's artistic genius...well written, my boy.
i miss you guys, non-homosexually.

BOTH of your older brother,

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Anonymous said...

so what is actually going on over there?? It has been two months and I habe no clue what to tell people about project focus... The poetry is irritating after the lack of an update since the last post about tension over there which never explained what the actual problem was. This is all very vague.

jin said...

Harish said...

Five more blog entries coming in next 10 days.
Sorry for the long wait, but promise that these entries will be informative, educational and hopefully inspiring.

Anonymous said...

More concerete, less abstract. These are just words with many syllables.

RXH said...

I haven't been keeping up with this blog...but I like Danny's poem (Harishi and others' comments even more). The poem is revealing. It expresses and builds tension. Development of ourselves and our environment is supposed to be difficult, with tension in our minds. If not, then we are not learning.